The general accumulation of plastics & plight of waste pickers made me want to eliminate plastic waste generation.

Aditya Mukarji

Meet Aditya Mukarji, who has been volunteering for our environment by campaigning & raising awareness to stop usage of single used plastic.

..A video of a plastic straw being pulled out from the turtle’s nose really startled me. Thus, in 2018, at the age of 14, I started my crusade against single use plastics, mainly plastic straws in the hospitality sector. I have been able to eliminate over 26 million plastic straws & a few million other single plastic items in a course of just 18 months. In 2018, I became a full time volunteer at Chintan Entertainmental Research & Action Group, with my main aim being elimination of single use plastics, however during my volunteership, I was guided & given the opportunity to diversify into other fields of climate action & environment protection.

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