Meet the 16-year-old who’s made it his mission to stop the use of plastic straws

Aditya Mukarji-stop the use of plastic straws

Aditya Mukarji, a student of Gurugram’s The Shri Ram School, is working to rid the world of single-use plastic. His door-to-door campaign led 150 restaurants and cafes in NCR to go plastic-free and averted the use of more than 26 million plastic straws.

The next time you walk into a café at Delhi’s Khan Market to takeaway a cold coffee or a milkshake, it would most likely not be accompanied by a plastic straw.

This could be because of the efforts of 16-year-old Aditya Mukarji, school student who believes that single use plastic is “one of the most dangerous inventions by man” and is trying his best to weed it out. 

All single use plastic items, be it straws, bottles, wrappers, sachets, and other packaging material, are made from polypropylene, a material that can neither be degraded nor recycled easily. They keep piling up and have irreversible damaging effects on the environment. Among all these, plastic straws are a common sight in landfills, owing to the numbers used across the country. 

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