Clean Air 365- a real possibility in India.


This isn’t a utopian wish, the lockdown has shown us that clean air and clear skies are possible in India.The West has transformed it’s black smokey skies to clear beautiful ones, why can’t we? It is possible if we the people of India make clean air an absolute priority.

We are all exhausted fretting about the air outside. What steps can we take and how soon can we hope the  government’s #NationalCleanAirPlan will start showing results in terms of improvement in air quality.

Gurgaon skies in May 2020

Citizens efforts- we must start all these right away if not practising already.

1. Segregate waste at source
2. Prevent and report garbage burning (17% air pollution)
3. Car pool
4. Buy Electric vehicles
5. Cycle/walk when air quality permits
6. Switch off engines at red light when waiting time is more than 10 seconds.

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